My Commitment to You

My commitment continues to be listening to your views and leading with integrity.

Dear Friends, 

As your County Commissioner, I have worked diligently to keep taxes low, reduce the size of government and promote fiscal responsibility.  My conservative approach to managing large infrastructure projects has helped keep Rockwall County a great place to live and work.

It is my honor to serve you on the Commission.  I ask for your vote in the March 3rd Republican Primary Election and offer my commitment to work hard on your behalf.

Cliff Sevier


Why You Should Vote to Re-Elect Cliff Sevier

$240 Million Saved On Road Improvements

Here is a snap shot of what’s going on with our infrastructure. A road bond was passed for $100,000,000.00. We have completed numerous projects. We currently have about 7 projects started or are getting ready to start. There’s been about $60,000,000 of the bond money spent on road work thus far in the county. With the county providing the money up front for our projects it’s given us an advantage. For the $60,000,000 we’ve received around $300,000,000.00 worth of road work from TEX-Dot.  We are also starting to receive money back from Tex-Dot on some of the work that has already been completed. As you may know 205 is in the process of being turned over to the cities it's going through. The aproximate start time of project is set for 2021. The portion that will affect Rockwall County will be around 2023.  IH30 has been approved to have one additional east and west bound lane and one additional access lane east and west bound. The work will be close to one billion dollars. The project will go through the entire county. It is scheduled to start around 2021.

Property Tax Rates Reduced

Rockwall County Property Tax Rates

  • 2015 - .3959 
  • 2016 - .3759 
  • 2017 - .3498 
  • 2018 - .3284 
  • 2019 - .3250

Pay Raise Refused and Returned

"A new county budget that included a significant pay raise for those serving on the commissioner's court recently passed.  I voted against both and returned $16,000.00 of the pay increase to our county to use for other important projects."  Cliff Sevier


Rockwall County Republican Candidates Forum

The Rockwall County Republican Candidates Forum was held Tuesday, February 11, 2020.  Click on the button below to watch forum.


Tina Millican

"Cliff Sevier has my vote because of his courage to vote his convictions under political pressure.  I trust him to do his very best to spend my tax dollars wisely."

Pat Turner

"He voted against and then refused most of the obscene pay raise county commissioners gave themselves in 2019!  That’s putting your money where your mouth is!!!"

State Senator Bob Hall

“Cliff Sevier is a proud Army Veteran who has served our country and our community with distinction. He is a strong conservative voice for the people he represents and he deserves your vote.”

Kenda Culpepper, Rockwall County District Attorney

"Cliff Sevier is a man of integrity and dedication. A proud veteran, he has served his country well and continues to faithfully serve our county as a Rockwall County Commissioner.  I am proud to call him friend and encourage you to vote for his re-election."

Gary Freedman The Voice Of Rockwall

 "I have known Cliff Sevier for over 20 years.  He has always cared about his community.  As commissioner he has listened to the people he represents.  He has always done what's right for the community and his constituents.  In these 20 years I have always known him to be an honest man, and that is the kind of man we need as our commissioner in Rockwall."

John White

”My personal relationship with Cliff Sevier covers many years. We worked together on energy-savings performance contracts (ESPC) on military installations for which Cliff was the project manager. In later years, Cliff served as Rockwall City Councilman and most recently as Rockwall County Commissioner. Before all the above, Cliff honorably served his country in the U.S. Army. Throughout the years, Cliff's life has been one of service with integrity and effectiveness. I am pleased to endorse his re-election to the office of Rockwall County Commissioner, Precinct One.” 

Valerie Fry Kpa Ctp

"I think about what you did for the citizens of Rockwall everytime I see your signs for your reelection.
No doubt making sure I can show my appreciation in your honorable action is to be there on voting day!! You definitely have my vote! Thank you for putting the Citizens first. Even though now I really want you to have this raise!"

Mayor Jim Pruitt

"I am honored to endorse Cliff Sevier for re-election as our Rockwall County Commissioner for Precinct 1. Commissioner Sevier has a great working relationship with our City. A staunch conservative, Cliff served for six years on the Rockwall City Council fighting to keep taxes as low as possible while recognizing the tremendous growth in our City. As a county commissioner, he has brought that same conservative philosophy to Rockwall County. Cliff will continue to make our County a great place to live, work and raise a family.  

Please join me in re-electing Commissioner Cliff Sevier. "

Charles Gates, Retired Texas State Trooper

"As you have come to expect, serving as your Precinct 1 County Commissioner for the past 7 years, Cliff has been and will continue to be focused on enhancing your services while reducing costs to taxpayers.  I respectfully ask for your vote for Cliff Sevier so that he can continue to be your voice on the Rockwall County Commissioners Court."


Thank you for your support to my campaign for re-election to Rockwall County Commissioner of Precinct 1.  

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